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A busy term at St. John's College

It’s been an exciting term at St. John’s College. Here is an update on what learners have been up to this term.

The job centre

Building on a successful launch last year, the job centre has become our central hub for all aspects of work skills and work experience.

The space is used by learners to meet with the work ready team to discuss their aspirations, apply for internal jobs, identify external work experience opportunities and explore the different options for work-based learning sessions that are embedded within our curriculum.

Internal job vacancies, work-based learning and external work experience placements are all advertised in the job centre. All information is also presented in an interactive, audible and accessible format.

Eco college

At the start of the year, learners have been focusing on exploring their surroundings and using sight, touch and smell as a tool to engage with their environment on a therapeutic level.

Learners have been finding colours and textures, pressing flowers and foraging to produce nature art. They have also started to look at the importance of plants and insects to our ecosystem and will be exploring how to encourage greater biodiversity in their local environment.