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How we deliver our curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to give each of our learners the skills they need for their identified destination and personal aspirations. As soon as learners come to us, we begin work to understand their individual needs to ensure they can gain the skills they need to be successful after St. John's College.

All our curriculum courses promote communication and social interaction. Speech and language therapists work alongside teachers to use a range of strategies to enable each learner to maximise their communication potential. This may include objects of reference such as Makaton, Proloquo2Go, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and the use of social stories to support understanding.

The curriculum is delivered through timetabled sessional teaching, community learning, and one-to-one work. Specialist-qualified teachers and facilitators plan and deliver the learning activities leading towards non-accredited learning outcomes and accredited qualifications.  

Teachers collaborate with residential and therapy staff to set individual targets linked to a learners' EHC plan outcomes. We measure progress in all aspects of learning, including communication, social skills, resilience, and independence.

Learners are supported by learning support workers, positive behaviour specialists, and therapy staff who use their expertise to enable learners to acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and behaviour.  

Community learning and travel training make up an important part of our curriculum. Learners are supported to learn in functional ways in environments that are appropriate to the skills being taught and develop confidence in our young people to access services and leisure facilities throughout their lives.