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Preparing for adulthood

To prepare learners for their next steps, our work focuses on five placement outcomes that inform and guide our curriculum and support.

  • Wellbeing
  • Communication
  • Skills
  • Independence
  • Employability.


Personal development in each area helps learners to move towards their aspirations and intended destinations post-college.


Latest news

Read the latest about our work, and read personal stories, by our learners or relatives and staff.

Employability and enterprise 

We want autistic children and young people to be themselves and realise their ambitions. This is the overarching premise for our which sets out that we will continue to build on our core expertise in education and employability while engaging more than ever before in the other areas that are essential for autistic children and young people to lead fulfilling lives, such as having supportive families and relationships, good health and wellbeing and being active citizens in their communities.

Check out this visual resource which illustrates the ten core components of our approach for our learners at St.John's College. This resource demonstrates the personalised careers education we offer, where learners can develop their employability and independence to achieve their outcomes, as appropriate to them and their aspirations.

Find out more about our work experience placements which are one of our employability and enterprise core components.


Contact us

Feel free to contact the Employability and Enterprise Lead at ԰: 

Employability Lead (԰)
Henrietta Valler-Still: hvaller-still@ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk


Work ready learning team: careers@st-johns.co.uk